Finding An Old Friend


Armin D.

5th Grade

Heron School

One day I went on a walk and suddenly I saw my friend Sebastian. He has been one of my best friends since kindergarten. It was a sunny day when I was in fourth grade and I was out on a walk. I didn’t recognize him because he had long hair. He turned ten like me and he told me he saw my old friend. I was about to get to my house then he was put on a walk to. I was so excited to see him. We at least talked for an hour or two. He told me that he got into a class and that he was so bored at home. I was super happy to see him. I have not seen him in a very long time. When he told me what class he was in I told him that he was a good teacher because my sister was in the class. When he told me he was still in the same school I told him I moved to schools. He was very sad when I told him. He asked me why I moved schools and I said “ I need something challenging.” After that we raced and my friend won. Next thing you know We saw a cat. She looked like she was about to chase us. But then my friend had something for his dog. It was treated that could make the cat go away. My friend threw a treat into the grass. But the cat did not want the treat. My friend's dog went for the treat instead of the cat. Then I realized I had a bottle of water. I opened the water bottle and threw it at the cat and ran away. My friend told me that he was allergic to cats just like me. It was getting dark and our parents told us we had to go home now. It was really nice seeing my old friend Sebastian.