Going Outside


Jada C.

5th grade

Heron School

Do you like to go outside? Well, I do! If you do not, that is okay. (For Now)It is very important to go outside!

One reason you should go outside is because it can be fun! You can play basketball, soccer, four square, and lots more. You can do those things for 30 minutes or even more. You will get excellent exercise from just doing some simple things outside. If you get the exercise you will stay fit and healthy! Outside there is also fresh air. Going outside makes me happy and calm down. Who doesn't want to be calm and happy? I like to take in the fresh air and breathe it out. Fresh air (when their isn't smoke outside) can calm you down and give you some time to just relax. It will also allow you to take some time to yourself.

The sun also gives you vitamin D. Vitamin D keeps your bones healthy. So just being in the sun for a little while can be very good for your bones. Vitamin D is both a nutrient we eat and a hormone our bodies make. The best way to get enough vitamin D is taking a supplement, but you can still get some vitamin D from the sun!

It will also give you time to spend time with your family. I like to go on a walk with my mom because it gives us time to catch up on things. You and your family can all take a walk and spend time together. You can also play a card game outside instead of doing one inside. You could also do a friendly game of soccer or basketball together!

There are so many other reasons why you should go outside. And here were just a few reasons why you should go outside, it can be fun, exercising, fresh air, vitamin D, and you can spend time with family! I hope you make the choice to go outside and get some vitamin D! I will too!