I Love Bike Riders


Jack R.

4th Grade

Heron School

On bike rides I feel like I can be free from the house because I feel like I have been in the house for half a century

I get to spend time with my family

We have a great time outdoors.

My bike is red with many gears

it's as fast as a lion

It has suspension in the front and the tires have a lot of tread.

On My bike rides I go with my mom who has a cruiser

My dad who likes to go off-road

My sister who likes to stay with my mom

and me who likes to do crazy things like lots of jumps and go over tree roots.

I love the bike trail

The first I do is the burnt trail then a dirt path

It goes right through the pond

To another trail that connects right at the lake

It is so bumpy

It feels like I would fall off my bike

I like to go one mile off-road.

Coming home

I feel like I exerted a lot of energy

Stinky and sweaty

I feel happy being on my bike