Julia's Bike Ride


Aabha Ranade - Contributing Editor

6th Grade

PFAA Middle School

“Julia! Do you want to go biking with me today?” My father asked me kindly. “Um sorry dad, but I think that I could have better things to do than to go biking today. Especially in this terrible weather.” I said. I really did not want to go biking today, or any day for that matter. I hated doing anything physical, or anything involving getting out of the house. I knew that exercise was really good for you, but I was too lazy. “Julia, we never do anything together. Come on, just this once. If you don’t like it then I will never ask you again!” My dad said in a patient voice. “Fine, fine okay.” I said, rolling my eyes. I really didn’t want to go but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be right!

“Isn’t this fun?” My dad asked me excitedly. “Yeah, yeah.” I said, but deep down I was enjoying this. I would never admit it to my father though. “Hey, wanna race to that tree over there?” Dad asked me, pointing to the said tree that was far off in the distance. “Sure!” I replied, and started going. “Hey, cheater!” Dad exclaimed as he sped up. “Haha I’m just faster than you.” I said smugly. “Are you sure about that?” Dad said and started going even faster. “Ughhh dad!” I yelled as he got to the tree first. “Victory is mine!” He yelled and started jumping up and down. “Whatever dad,” I sat down by the big willow tree. “Well?” He asked me, bumping my shoulder. “Did you have fun?” He asked me, looking at our bikes. “Yes...no...maybe so...fine yes I did.” I said sheepishly looking at him. “Hah! I was right. Now you got to do the dishes today!” He said. “Woah woah woah, that wasn’t part of the agreement, I said, hands on my hips. “Well I did not think you would actually enjoy it.” He admitted. “Well, I did. Thanks for making me come here with you dad.” I said and jumped up to get on my bike. “Last one to the house wins?” I yelled and started pedaling down the road.

That night I fell asleep peacefully, thinking about how doing something as simple as biking could help you mentally, physically and bring you closer to your family.