Mallory's Journey


Alexandria B.

5th Grade

Heron School

We were on a bike ride when suddenly a rabbit runs in front of us. The rabbit is white and black. We tell the rabbit to move along but, it just stays there. We had an empty basket with only a blanket because my mom and I were coming back from our picnic. We opened the basket and the rabbit slowly hopped into the basket. We biked the rabbit to the vet and they found that the rabbit was a girl and was very hurt. They fixed her up and flea shots and other shots so that people can hold her and keep her as a pet.

After they fixed her up they gave her to us to let her go. We biked her back to where we found her and let her go. When we let her go we got on the back on our bikes and biked back home. When we got home we saw the rabbit running toward us. We decided to take care of her since she already got her shots and we did not have to pay for the shots. We put our bikes inside and then started thinking of a name. We named her Mallory!

We fed, cleaned, gave her attention, and more. We even tried to have her sit in a basket and we bike her around the Jackrabbit Trail by our house. She was really calm and she was not panicking on the bike. After a period of time, we decided to train her. The training paid off so, now Mallory can do a bunch of tricks. Mallory enters many trick contest and wins almost everyone. After a long time, Mallory starts to forget her training and we think that it is fine. We work really hard to train her everything again, even though it took months.

After we completely knew that Mallory was trained we signed her up for a trick contest. Mallory becomes the best pet in the world. Mallory wins a gold bow and a certificate because she was voted the best pet in the world. A few days later we got a message from the mayor. The message was saying that since Mallory was so good at doing tricks and was so good at staying in a basket while we biked she was becoming famous and that was also why she won a gold bow and a certificate. She was named the basket biking bunny.

After we got that message we decided to lay low and not do too many things because we did not want to become too famous. Years after years time was passing fast. The world found out that Mallory was really old. A year later Mallory became even more famous somehow. The whole world wanted to start to give us the stuff to help take care of Mallory since she was getting old. We started getting a lot of packages that we did not order until we realized that they were gifts. We thanked the world for everything they have done and did for Mallory. I think of Mallory a lot when my mom, Mallory, and I go on a bike ride and it is hard to believe all of the great memories we had happened just by going on a bike ride to have a picnic. You never know what you are going to encounter. That is Mallory's Journey.