My Bike Ride Adventure


Anjana K.

5th Grade

Heron School

I started to ride my bike.

I looked up to see the clear sky

I saw the bright sun.

It feels really fun.

It feels like the sun is staring at me.

It is as if it was teasing me!

So many fast riders on the trail.

Everyone looked so hale - strong, healthy, and fit.

I moved right and left to keep out of their way

On this day.

I started to sweat.

I feel as wet like I was sprayed by a fire hydrant.

But I still feel vibrant

I look in front….

Me and my family saw ducks on the trail .

They were crossing the trail like a rail.

They are as slow as a sloth.

I thought I would become broth.

They look up at me .

Like they mean to plea.

After they said bye.

We went by.

Then we took a 10 minute break.

To have a delicious cupcake.

When we were going back .

I saw beautiful trees and plants.

I saw a tiny seedling slant.

I stopped and helped it .

Now it stood tall.

Like a wall.

I started pedaling again.

Faster and faster.

I felt like a really good bike master.

After I caught up we saw another duck.

After it left we started to pedal again careful to not step in it’s toxics.

We arrived home.

At noon.

I was panting hard .

But I felt like a really lucky card .

Riding my bike with my family is fun,

Under the bright sun.

With the beauty of nature .

It is a big snatcher.