My Biking Story


Kailani G.

5th Grade

Heron School

One day I was wondering should I go for a bike ride because it was beautiful outside and was a nice sunny day. I got my bike out of the garage and driveway. I was out for a bike ride just looking around and seeing all the beautiful trees and riding around the lake. The sun hit me and I felt like I was on a beach but also was a little too hot , but it didn't bother me. Then I saw my mom and my sisters over in the shade doing Tik Tok videos. I came to join them. Later on, we went to go bike in the sun again. The sun was hot but we kept on biking. Ever wonder if you're riding your bike with your family and you feel like oh I know that person from the first grade and they say hi but you just don't respond back? Well, that happened to me and my sisters a lot.

Then suddenly I fell off my bike. I scraped my knees and on my hand, there were rooks and dirt and a little blood. I fell because my shoelaces were untied. My knees and my hands felt so painful. When I got up I had to bend my knees like I was sitting in a chair. Then I walked over to sit on a bench staring at my knees covered with blood. My mom ran to the car to get napkins. My sisters laughed at me for about 5 minutes. They stopped and got bored. My mom was coming back from the car and gave me 2 napkins. When I was done I got up and was about to go to the car but there were big rocks and sand so I rode my bike the long way. It was beautiful but the sun kept going in my eyes. When we finally got to the car my mom asked if we wanted Cold Stone. We all said yes, please!

It took about 7 minutes because we live near Cold Stone. We got inside and my mom asked what flavor we wanted. We all agreed on cotton candy and it came with a side. We chose gummy bears. We got out of the place and as soon as we got out it was already melting. The ice cream we loved tasted like a party shooting in my mouth. After that we went home and I was wondering looking at all that water in the lake. Have you guys ever wondered how they put all that water in that lake? And then I saw a spark. I was shocked I thought it was like someone went in the lake and was using something electric.

I looked at my mom and she put the music at like 97 % high. My ears felt like there about to pop out of my head. She lowered it down. Automatically I was relieved when she lowered it but my ears were ringing. After a while, they stopped. It was like 7:00 pm we got home and that was the day I learned not to leave my shoes untied.