My Fruit Picking Adventure


Vanya P.

3rd Grade

Two Rivers Elementary School

One of my favorite adventures is when we went fruit picking. We went in a wagon that pulled us to blueberry bushes, cherry trees, peach trees and raspberry bushes. When we reached the blueberry bushes, we started picking and eating them for a long time. Then we went to the cherry trees. There were ladders so we could reach for the high parts. I climbed one and yelled to show my mom. She looked for me and saw me on a ladder. We picked lots of cherries too.

Next, we went to where the peaches were. The peaches were super juicy and yummy. There were ladders there too and we got a lot of peaches. We went raspberry picking last. There were so many red and black ones. I loved the red ones the most. They were so yummy and we picked a lot of them too. We looked into baskets full of fruit. We went home and ate so much fruit. We had so much fun and all the fruits were super yummy and juicy.

This is one of my favorite and fun adventures.