The Adventures Of R.M.


Ryder M.

5th Grade

Heron School

SLAM! The big wooden door hit the frame as Me and my friend walked out of my bright blue house. “ You know, we should go on a walk before I head home,” my friend said. But, little did he know, that that was one of the worst decisions he had ever made. We turned around the corner only to hear a slight shuffling noise on the side of the road. We peered over and saw a black and white cat. It looked so chubby that we thought it had eaten a bird or two. Me and Ryan started to walk again but I had a feeling that the cat was not alright. I looked at it carefully. Then the cat turned around and it had a shiny black snout. A million thoughts were running through my head at that point and there was one answer. We were staring at a skunk. I froze, barely breathing. My legs felt like Jello. Thankfully, Ryan tugged me and I snapped back to life. There was now one thought in my head.”Run”. Me and Ryan sprinted down the sidewalk but I tripped on the curb. Ryan ran back to me and helped me up. The skunk was running toward us. It sprayed and me and Ryan gagged. We ran to our closest friends house and knocked on the door. They were not home.” Dang it” Ryan shouted. Me and Ryan climbed up to the top of a tree and waited. The skunk stood there but eventually ran off. We hopped down from the tree and Ryan quietly ran to his house. I slowly walked back home and turned the same corner that we spotted the skunk. I looked at the door slamming on Ryan's house then turned to my house. Then there it was slowly prowling the asphalt. Not the skunk, but something way ,way worse.

I couldn't believe anything right now. The weirdest thing was being 7 feet away from a huge cat or seeing two wild animals in 5 minutes. I thought to myself, “ how am I going to live this?” But one answer came to my head. “Cars” I mumbled. Cars always drove around my neighborhood but it was getting dark. I thought up a plan and waited. No cars. Then I looked at the mountain lion. 5 feet away. 4 feet away. I sprinted. Running like I was going to beat a horse. Just like that I was in a bush, getting pricked by the branches. Though it felt as if aphids were ambushing me and showering me with stickiness I kept quiet. The huge mammal moved. It sniffed. Right as I thought I would become dinner for the beast, two bright lights pointed in the direction of the mountain lion. “Yes” I yelled as the cat dove through the entrance of my neighborhood.

I safely walked home and ate dinner while I told my family about what happened.