The Cat Of My Dreams


Lael G.

5th Grade

Heron School

I was out for a walk when suddenly I saw a gorgeous cat. It was pleasingly plump, with entrancingly soft fur and bewitching long whiskers… and its eyes, oh, its eyes! They were jade green, gazing into mine like glowing emeralds. I dropped to my knees at the sight of it, and I kissed its delightful furry head, stroked its sweet fur, whispered in its delicate, velvety ear … hoping to keep and love it. This was the feline of my dreams. But, sadly, we were forced to part by evil forces beyond our imaginings (my parents). I was but a lowly mouse in the presence of my beloved, but I was a bug in comparison to my wellspring, my creators, my parents. And what choice did I have other than to leave my love, my darling, my beautiful, bewitching kitty. As I trudged away homeward bound, I glanced over my shoulder once more at my sumptuous sweetie, who to my utmost delight and shock, was following me home! I was thrilled, delighted, enchanted at the thought of living with this froufrou feline, this posh pussy, this comely cat! But, alas! In my spacious and troubled heart, I knew this could never be so. Oh, how I loved the kitty, I loved it with all my heart...there could be nothing more splendid to me. But i was young then, and foolish, thinking there could be any possible way to spend the rest of my life with my cherished, favoured, beloved kitty-cat. I never did see it again, but if ever I think of it, my heart, oh, my breaks. Shatters. I will always have a longing, yearning, ache for it. They say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But I have never seen it since that fateful day, and I can not get it out of my brain. The bewitching jade eyes, the luxe, silken fur, the tantalizing long whiskers. Perhaps we will meet again. Perhaps we will not. But I shall never forget that cat, that kitty, and I have no intentions to. That was a walk I shall never forget, and whenever I’m out for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and see a cat, all the memories come flooding back. This was the tragic tale of love and heartbreak. A tale of a lost connection. This, dearest reader, was the tale of a stroll, many years ago.