The Family Walk and Bike Ride

Olivia R.

Heron School

5th Grade

What a family walk or bike ride means to me is just to go outside, get a sense of the nice fresh air, have a sense of peace, and get moving with my family by my side. I go on many walks and bike rides with my family around the neighborhood and the lake and the Jack Rabbit Trail.

On our walks, we play amazing and fun games like one of my favorite games was to take lots of photos of flowers that we saw on our walk. Then at home, we try to paint the flowers we saw onto a canvas. We never have seen most of these plants and flowers before because we are usually in the car. Some of the plants that we saw were dandelions, daisies, roses, and sunflowers.

On our bike rides, we usually go 6-8 miles around the lake and Heron school, and many streets. I usually ring the bell to warn people that we are coming through. We see lots of people on the trail. I like talking to my dad when we come to a stop sign. It is a lot of fun biking with my family. I usually bike with my brother and dad while my mom runs.

When we go on a family walk or bike ride it just gets my internal thoughts to be free. I just enjoy hanging out and being outside with my family.

I hope you like to bike and walk outside, too!