The Fun Ride


Siddharth K.

5th Grade

Heron School

Have you ever felt so happy after riding your bike? That’s how I felt when I went for a casual bike ride with my family the other day!

I was out biking with my family when suddenly I saw a familiar face riding down my favorite, though bumpy trail. I immediately recognized the face! My friend Divit! I stopped my bike and ran to him. I asked curiously, “Do you remember me?” He responded, “Yeah! Your name is Siddharth, right?”

I could tell that he did not want to get humiliated by me if he got the name wrong. But I told him laughing, “Yeah! That is totally my name.” Then, I saw his cute little brother, Tanu. He was riding his bike near his mom and dad. Divit interrupted my thoughts, “So Siddharth, do you want to ride with me?

I replied, “Sure! But let’s wait for my parents to get here”, I whispered, “They go really slowly.” My parents came much quicker than I thought. We asked them what we should do and they said that we could take loops around the trail and so we agreed. Divit then asked me, “Hey, lets not race ok? My bike is a cruiser and is not meant for racing.”

I told him, “Yeah sure! So let’s talk while riding.” Riding side by side, we looped the trail as we chatted about video games and what we were doing. To my surprise, Divit fell suddenly to the ground. I quickly got off my bike and ran to help him. We noticed his bike’s chain was stuck so he could not ride his bike anymore. Since we were close to my house, we walked there and I let him use one of my other bikes. Then, we happened to see one of my old friends too. It was Aaqil! We were friends since preschool but I did not meet him since he moved to his new house. He is one year older than me. “Hey Aaqil!! How are you doing? Want to join us on our bike ride?”, asked Divit. He went on talking about how he met me and introduced Aaqil to me.

I was flustered and so I interrupted Divit and asked him, “How do you know Aaqil? I’ve know him since preschool but did not know that you knew him.” Divit explained, “Aaqil lives near me so we know each other well.” Aaqil then started talking, “Hey Siddharth! Long time no see. Can I join you on your bike ride?” I gladly agreed. We had races, we told each other jokes and had a lot of fun! Finally, it was getting dark and Aaqil said, “I think I will have to go home now.” Divit replied, “Yeah sure! But let’s go to my parents and then you can go.” I was sad and I wanted to have more fun but I agreed. Finally we all raced to the place where my parents were walking, by sharing riddles on the way.

My mom said, “Hey Aaqil!! You have grown so tall. Were you playing with Siddharth and Divit?” Aaqil replied, “Yes but now I have to go home now. I will see you tomorrow!” I said, “Yeah! Come back tomorrow at 5! We will have more fun!” He left but I was not sad because I knew tomorrow was going to be even more exciting!