Turn Off The Screen And Start Pedaling!


Binuthi M.

3rd Grade

Star Academy

Exercise is very important for you. Riding bikes is a really good form of exercise. I am going to tell you exactly how and why.

First of all, one super big reason why exercise is good for you is it makes you feel good. Nothing compares to a day that starts or ends with a bike ride. Riding a bike also makes you feel energized and ready to start your day feeling happy.

Second, riding a bike is good for you. Any type of exercise is good for you, but bike riding is the most beneficial one. Bike riding provides you sunlight which has Vitamin D in it. Also riding your bike makes your bones, joints, and muscles strong and healthier. Bike riding also makes you feel calm. It makes you feel calm because you’re in the current moment or in the present. When you’re in the present and you’re not thinking about the past and future you feel relieved. You feel as free as a bird! It allows you to do what you want and enjoy the fresh air.

Staying fit is really important for your body. The bikes do their part by having it waiting for you. You have to do your part by riding your bike. Riding a bike has a lot of health benefits. Keeping that in mind, if you have a bike but you don’t ride it, what are you waiting for?!

One very important thing about riding a bike is good safety. Make sure you have a helmet every time you ride. If you’re a starter, knee and elbow guards might be helpful. Starting at a young age might help too.

I got and started riding a tricycle at only two. I’ve improved from a tricycle to a bike with training wheels to a bike without them. Currently, I’m 9 years old and riding a big bike without training wheels.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of bike riding. I have a billion memories and pictures to share because I started riding and I am sure you will soon too. Remember riding with friends and family makes it much easier.

Don’t forget to persevere!