What A Family Bike Ride Means To Me


Caleb P.

Westlake Charter School

3rd Grade

A family bike ride means a bike ride but with your family. So you and your family can bond with each other and have fun! When my family and I bike, we always go to a duck pond near our house. Then, we head to the Jackrabbit bike trail. We then head to another pond but this pond is bigger and has lots more people there. We head to Inderkum High School and do a lap there. If we bike ride on a Saturday we head to the farmers market at the school. Then we continue to do laps the same way!

I enjoy family bike rides because they're very fun and give your legs a good workout! Also, I enjoy bike rides because bike rides are very fun! My favorite place to bike ride is when we go near Raleys to get some stuff and to eat at Pizza Press. One last place I like to bike ride is when we go to the school even when the farmers market is open there!