Why Walking Is Important


Kamreem K.

5th Grade

Heron School

Health Benefits

It is important to get outside because there are health benefits. You get more vitamin D. How do you get vitamin D? If you walk under the sun ,the sun gives you vitamin D. You are going to stay healthy by having a proper diet. Here is a Example if you eat a lot of cookies and after you go on a walk ,you burn all of the calories.

You can even discover insects or animals . You can see many birds flying or sitting on trees . Birds are different in size ,and they are colorful . Butterflies , Bees , Ants, Ladybugs ,Grasshoppers ,Dragonflies, Snails and many more! If you walk in the the woods or in the forests you will see you will see many different trees , and you can see lakes rivers , and ponds.

Spending time with your family is very important. You want to spend time with your family? Then go on a walk! An interesting thing is if you are going to walk for 5 miles , and talk with your family you think you only walked 3 miles but actually you walked 10 miles ! (This happened to me) It will make you want to walk more. If you have a sister or brother you should walk together, because you will get along! This is why it is very important to walk!